Lecture 19 - Chapter 6 Key Terms

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Chapter 6 Key Terms N adaptation o A physiological, morphological, or behavioral trait with an underlying genetic basis that enhances the survival and reproduction of its bearers in their environment. N adaptive evolution o A process of evolutionary change in which adaptive traits tend to increase in frequency in a population over time. N adaptive radiation o An event in which a group of organisms gives rise to many new species that expand into new habitats or new ecological roles in a relatively short time. N allele o One of two or more forms of a gene that result in the production of different versions of the protein that the gene encodes. N cline o A pattern of gradual change in a characteristic of an organism over a geographic region. N directional selection o Selection that favors individuals with one extreme of a heritable phenotypic trait. Compare disruptive selection, stabilizing selection. N disruptive selection o Selection that favors individuals with a phenotype at ei
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