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Chapter 18

chapter 18 textbook study guide

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Chapter 18 Case study not mentioned in lecture Community membership Species richness differs among communities due to variation in regional species pools, abiotic conditions, and species interactions 1. Distribution and abundance of organisms within communities depend on three factors 1. Regional species pool and dispersal ability (species supply) 2. Abiotic conditions 3. Species interactions 1. Species supply is the first cut to community membership o Controlling effect of dispersal on community membership evident in the invasion of communities by non-native species o We now learn that humans serve as vectors of dispersal of species Eg. Ballast water carried by ships (ship picture in slides) Sea water is pumped into and out of ballast tanks. This serves to balance and stabilize cargo Mostly, water contains pelagic organisms. Along with water these organisms are taken up and released close to ports Organisms have the opportunity to colonize near shore communites (5000 speceisday) One example: zebra mussel arrived in north America, great lakes, spread to rivers, has community changing effects, high density 2. Abiotic conditions play a strong role in limiting community membership o Species may become physiologically unable to tolerate abiotic conditions of the environment 3. Who you interact with makes all the difference in community membership www.notesolution.com
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