BIOB51 - Lecture 3

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51 LECTURE THREE EVIDENCE FOR DARWINIAN EVOLUTION I descent with modificationEvidence that natural selection can produce evolutionary changeEvidence that organisms descend from earlier forms Evidence that species change through time1 EVOLUTION UNDER DOMESTICATION a domesticated organisms change through artificial selectionevolve For example dogs descend from wild gray wolves b many varieties from a single ancestorall types of fowls came from the Red Jungle fowl Cabbage brussels sprouts cauliflower all come from the mustard plantDogs high rate of phenotypic evolution arises from extensive variation in tandem repeat loci associated with development genesIn both artificial selection and natural selection there is variation in populations some of the variation is heritable and different variants produce different numbers of offspring The difference between the two is the agent of selection In artificial selection it is human breeders and there is conscious intent In natural selection it is the environment both biological and physical factors and there is no conscious intentEvidence suggestsSpecies can change over timeradically different types of descendants from one ancestor are possible Selection can lead to evolutionEVIDENCE FOR DARWINIAN EVOLUTION IIEvidence that organisms descend from earlier formsEvidence that species change through time2 GEOLOGY AND FOSSIL RECORD Fossil trace of any organism that lived in the past Fossil record total worldwide collection of fossils
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