Chapter 10

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Chapter 10Bowerbirds males build bowers that females visit where she inspects then go builds a nestoReturns to the bowers later to be courted and then they copulate and females raise young all by herselfEvolution of differences in sex roles20 species of bowers 17 build bowersosingle common ancestor with trait that evolved onceavenue bower and maypole boweropossibility of building bower is that the original builder conveyed information about his quality as a mateDifferent bowers have different designs neatness decorations etcFemales tend to be less startled at well decorated bowers of high qualitycorrelated with copulationFemale bowers only mate with 1 male and use a single partner to fertilize her eggsMate quality advertisement hypothesisdecorated bowerssuperior malesoMontgomeriegood bowers may be healthier Less parasites and strong spermMales with better bowers have fewer ectoparastic feather mites that build better bowers and are more appealingoWell built bowers is an indicator of developmental historyplenty of food have well constructed brains and should be able to assemble good bowersBower builders have bigger brainsMale reproductive success in bowers is unequaloMales may mate with multiple females while female mates with oneFundamental difference between sexes male produce sperm female eggsoEggs are bigger than sperm and also lessMore mates more eggs that get fertialized more descendentsoBenefits to male discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar matesAnolis lizard territorial males direct more courtship towards new malesMales try to have many sexual partners while females do not as their reproductive success is limited by how many eggs not by shortage of matesoEggs are costly to produce and female devote more time and energy to care for offspringBreeding season female forage and build nest while adult seek matesoParental investmentFemales derive more benefit from caring for their youngoOffspring they care for carry their genes males unsure since females accept sperm from multiple mates
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