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Biological Sciences
Rudy Boonstra

Chap 61 Current bio symptoms of warming Boreal dendrochronological response warmer climate means more water evaporation means more rain and longer thermal growing season for plants but also more evapotranspiration so if not a balancing amount of rain than species will experience drought stress Phenology the study of a plant or animals progression through its life cycle in relation to the seasons General rule that flowering and leafing occur 68 days earlier for every degree Celsius rise in temperature Butterflies are either sedentary specialists that stay in one ecosystem or mobile generalists that specialize in moving around to new ecosystems st64 Bio Response to greenhouse trends after 21 century stCuz of fossil fuel burning co2 levels will go from around 400rpm 21 to about nd1000ppm in the 22 century Chlorophyta green algae studies show that increase in co2 levels means less effective carbon concentrating mechanisms and changes in photosynthesis and respiration 65 Possible surprises IPCC warnings Extreme weather events thers been more intense rainfall and increasing frequency of strong hurricanes record breaking global warmthWorld ocean evaporation and precipitation are 2 key indicators of global warming Intensity and frequency of heat waves is greatest psychological impact factor HadCM3 model tests likelihood of extreme events naturally vs huma
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