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Biological Sciences
Rudy Boonstra

Chapter 8 1972 stockholm conference on human enviro was first of series of UN conferences that arguably developed international environmental policy significantly o Sweden suffering effects of acid rain at time o Theme of Only One Earth o 3 things emerged proclamationWe hold that of all things in the world ppl are the most precious list of principles pg 393action planClub of Rome discuss the present and future predicament of humansThe limits of Growth report Argued that human population growth and per capita resource consumption cant continue to increase indefinitely So that if were to avoid some sort of collapse then entirely new approaches are required to redirect society towards goals of equilibrium rather then growthWorld Climate Conference 1979 CO2 is most urgent problemWorld Conservation Strategy o Combine of WWF IUCN UNEP o 3 core principlesMaintain ecological processes and life support systemsPreserve genetic diversityEnsure sustainable utilization of species and ecosystemsBrandt reportcommon crisis north south o Concern with developing nations third world developed nation in north while developingundeveloped in southdivergence increasing o Second re
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