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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 notes

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Biological Sciences

Chapter 5- Membrane Dynamics Contd from page 165-177 Resting Membrane Potential - bodys solutes such as lactate and pyruvate are also ions, therefore they carry a net electric charge - sodium dominates the ECF, on the anion side chloride ions mostly remain with Na in the ECF - potassium is major cation within the cells - phosphate ions negatively charged proteins are major anions of the ICF - intracellular have more anions therefore net negative charge, extracellular have more cations therefore net positive charge. This is why intracellular and extracellular are not in electrical equilibrium but electrical disequilibrium - Electrical Review o Atoms neutral; positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and uncharged neutrons o Removal or addition of electrons is what creates charged particles we know as ions o For every positive ion there is a matching negative ion somewhere in the body (ex. NaCl) o Rules to follow for electricity in physiological systems: 1. The law of conservation of electrical charge Net amount of electrical charge produced in any process is zero. This means that for every positive charge on an ion, there is an electron on another ion. Overall human body is electrically neutral 2. opposite charges
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