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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 notes

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Biological Sciences

Chapter 7- Introduction to the Endocrine System Hormones - the specificity of a hormone depends on its receptors and their associated signal transduction pathways - a hormone is a chemical secreted by cell or group of cells into the blood for transport to a distant target, where it is effective at very low concentrations - pheromones are chemical signals secreted into the external environment - hormones bind to receptors to initiate responses known as the cellular mechanism of action - hormone activity is limited by terminating secretion removing hormone from the blood, or terminating activity at the target cell - the rate of hormone breakdown is indicated by a hormones half life The Classification of Hormones - there are 3 types of hormones; peptideprotein hormones, composed of 3 or more amino acids; steroid hormones, derived from cholesterol and amino acid derived hormones derived from either tyrosine or tryptophan - peptide hormones are made as inactive preprohormones and processed to prohormones. Prohormones are chopped into active hormone and peptide fragments that are co- secreted. - Peptide hormones dissolve in the plasma and have a short half life. They bind to surface receptors on their target cells and initiate rapid cellular responses through signal
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