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Chapter 1

Chapter Notes for Chapter 1 of Human Physiology 5e

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Biological Sciences

Human Physiology (Fifth Edition) Silverthorn, D. U. Chapter 1 Introduction to Physiology To treat disease and injury appropriately, we have to understand the human body in its healthy state Physiology: the study of normal functioning of a living organism and its component parts, including all its chemical and physical properties; literal meaning: knowledge of nature Physiological Systems Levels of organization: atoms -> molecules -> cells -> tissues -> organs -> organ systems -> organisms -> populations of one species -> ecosystem of different species -> biosphere o Physiology is concerned with the molecular level up to the populations of a species Cells are collections of molecules separated from the external environment by a cell membrane Tissues are collections of cells that carry out related functions Physiological organ systems in the human body o Integumentary system: composed of the skin, forms protective boundary between the bodys internal and external environments o Musculoskeletal system: provides support and body movement o Resp
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