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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Ann Verner

*+,+-. !#$!#%& 1.1 Atoms & Molecules: Atoms are the submicroscopic particles which are the building blocks of ordinary matter Molecules: formed when two or more atoms joined into a specific geometrical arrangement Properties of substance based on atoms E.g.: hemoglobin oxygen carrying molecule in blood cells o Carbon monoxide affects the hemoglobin and can cause heart and lungs to work harder= dizziness & weakness Chemistry is the science behind the behavior of matter by studying the behavior of their molecules and atoms 1.2 The Scientific Approach to Knowledge: Scientist observe and experiment to learn about the world Qualitative noting or describing how a process happens Quantitative- measuring or quantifying something about the process Hypothesis is the tentative interpretation or explanation of the observations A series of observations can lead to a scientific law Law of conservation of mass; In a chemical reaction, matter is neither created or destroyed Theory ; way nature does but why?
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