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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Ann Verner

Chapter 26 261 organic compounds and structures overviewOrganic compounds contain H and C atoms or something with the combination with other atoms likeN O SCarbon is chosen for special study for its ability to form strong covalentbond with each other and their ability for from straight lines branches and chainsHydrocarbons simplest organic compound made with only H and C ex CH4 methane Dashed wedge line notationOrdinary lines used to show bonds that lie in the plane of the paper Solid wedge bonds that stick out towards the viewer in front of the plane of the paperDashed lines bonds away from the viewer behind the plane of the paperSkeletal isomerismIsomers compounds that have the same molecular formula but different structural formula When isomers differ from their structural skeletonsone is branched one is straight it is said to be skeletal isomerismNomenclatureSaturated hydrocarbons CC bonds are single bonds only AKA AlkanesWhen there is 2 isomers for the straight liner structure use for ex Butane and for the branched structure use for ex Isobutene Steps for naming organic compounds PAGE 1077 Learn itPositional Isomerism Positional isomers Isomers that differ in the position of for ex Br atom on a C chain Functional GroupsDistinctive groups of atoms are called functional groups Physical chemical properties of the molecule depend on the functional group
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