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Shadi Dalili

ATOMIC STRUCTURE Elements beyond uranium do not occur naturally hence must be synthesized Atoms of the same element do not necessarily have the same mass isotopes Usually In a neutral atom the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons but in a ion the atom gains or losses electrons Electrons are gained or lost Its a game of adding and subtracting electrons number of protons dont change Neutrons maybe increases when electrons are lost which will be reflected in the mass number Mass numberof protons and neutrons Atomic number z number of protonsAtomic mass of an atom is the relative mass of an atom compared to mass of a carbob12 atom Carbon12 atom is used as a standard with an assigned mass of 12 1 amu is 112 the mass of the carbpn12 atom More common atomic weight weight in grams of one mole of an atom Amole unit used to count particles represented by Avagadros number6022 x10 23Rutherford theorythe atom has a positively charged nucleus Plancks theory that energy emitted from matter is in form of bundles called quanta Aka quantum theory E hfh is the Plancks constant jsecF is the frequency Angular momentum nh2pi Since h 2 and pi are constants angular momentum only changes in discrete am
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