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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Chemical Quantities and Aqueous Reactions

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Ann Verner

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Chapter 4 Chemical Quantities and Aqueous Reactions 4.1 Global Warming and the Combustion of Fossil Fuels NA 4.2 Reaction Stoichiometry: How Much Carbon Dioxide? - The coefficients in a chemical reaction specify the relative amounts in moles of each of the substance involved in the reaction (making mole-to-mole conversions, mass-to-mass conversions) 4.3 Limiting Reactant, Theoretical Yield and Percent Yield - Limiting reactant is the reactant that limits the amount of product in a chemical reaction - Excess Reactant is any reactant that occurs in greater quantity - Theoretical yield is the amount of product that can be made in a chemical reaction BASED on the limiting reactant - Actual yield is the amount of product actually produced in the chemical reaction - Percent yield is th
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