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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chemical Bonding I Lewis Theory

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Xiao- An Zhang

Chapter 9 Chemical Bonding I: Lewis Theory 9.1 Bonding Models and AIDS Drugs - Bonding Models are central to chemistry because: 1) Explains why and how atoms attach together to form molecules 2) Explain why some combinations are stable while other are not 3) Can be used to predict shapes (structure) of molecules 4) Can be used to predict the chemical and physical properties of compounds -Chemical Bonds form because they lower the potential energy between charged particles (Potential energy of bonded atoms < potential energy of separate atoms 9.2 Types of Chemical Bonds - Chemical Bonds: Interactions between atoms (from elements to molecules - Ionic Bond: Between metal and nonmetal, electron transferred - Covalent Bond: Between Nonmetal and nonmetal, electrons shared - Metallic Bond: Between metal and metal, electrons pooled 9.3 Representing Valence Electrons with Dots - Simplest bonding theory is Lewis Theory (emphasizes valence electrons to explain bonding and predict molecular properties such as molecular stability, shape, size and polarity (can draw models called Lewis Structures Electron Dot Structures), focuses on behavior of valence electrons - Valence Electrons: Electrons in all sublevels with highest principal energy shell, very important in bonding - Core Electrons: Electrons in lower energy shells - Lewis Structure of Atoms: Represent the valence electrons surrounding the symbol of the element, use symbol of element to represent nucleus and inner electrons. Use dots to represent valence electrons www.notesolution.com
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