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Chapter 11

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Jamie Donaldson

Chapter 11 112Densities of a solid and liquid states are much greater than density of gas stateo Solid slightly less dense than liquidatypical behaviour Liquidsparticles are close together but thermal energy overcomes attractions bw themo Allows particles to move around one another Liquids assume shape of their containers bc atoms molecules that compose liquids are free to flow Solids have a definite shapemoleculesatoms are fixed in placeo Merely vibrate about a fixed pointo Crystallineatomsmolecules that compose them are arranged in a three dimensional array o Amorphousatomsmolecules have no long range order Can transform state of matter to another by changing temp or pressure or both113Strength of intermolecular forces bw moleculesatoms determine substances state at given tempo Intermolecular forces from interactions bw charges partial charges and temporal charges on molecules much as bonding forces originate from interactions bw charged particles in atomso Similar particles with partialtemporal chargesattracted to
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