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Chemistry chapter 1 notes11 Atoms submicroscopic unable to be seen under a powerful microscope particles that constitute the fundamental building blocks of ordinary matterOne atom can alter the properties of a reaction in the case of carbon monoxide adding an oxygen atom makes it carbon dioxide which is not as deadly In the case of water we drink water everyday add one oxygen atom and the water because hydrogen peroxide molecule a less stable and more lethal molecule 12 Qualitativenoting or describing how a process happensQuantitativemeasuring or quantifying something about the processScientist start with an observation which then leads to a hypothesis one observation or a law many similar observations once a hypothesis is confirmed it is then a theoryLaw vs theorya law only summarizes a series of related observations while a theory gives the underlying reasons for them 13 MatterAnything that occupies space and has a massAir water or sandsubstanceSolid matter may be referred to as crystalline atoms or molecules are in patterns with longrange repeating order or amorphousno longrange repeating orderElementcannot be broken downCompoundCan be broken downHeterogeneousLook like many colors because the atoms or molecules separate water and oilHomogeneousLook like one color because the atoms or molecules mix properly 15 Law of conservation of energyenergy is neither created or destroyed 16 Kelvin KC2731CF3218F18C32 Densitymassvolume mvPrefix multipliers 18o Exa E 1000000000000000000 10 15o PetaP 1000000000000000 10 12o TeraT 1000000000000 10 9o GigaG 1000000000 10 6o MegaM 1000000 10 3o Kilok 1000 10 1o Decid 01 10 2o Centic 001 10 3o Millim 0001 10 6o Micro 0000001 10
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