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Chapter 1

CHMB16 Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kagan Kerman

Chapter 0 The Analytical ProcessThe Analytical Chemists JobSampling procuring a representative sample to measureHomogeneous composition of the sample is the same everywhere milk chocolateHeterogeneous composition differs from place to place milk chocolate with hazelnutsDecanted poured off and discardedAnalytes substances being measured stuff you are interested in caffeine in chocolateQuantitative Transfer a complete transfer from one container to anotherSlurry a suspension of solid in a liquidAqueous a solution of anything in waterSupernatant Liquid liquid above the packed solidSample Preparation transforming a sample into a state that is suitable for analysis fat to be removed from the chocolate analytes to be extracted into water and residual solid to be separated from the waterQualitative Analysis identifying what is in an unknownQuantitative Analysis identifying how much is presentCalibrationStandard Curve graph of detector response as function of analyte concentrationStandard Solutions these need to be prepared and injected into the column and the resulting peak heights were measured to construct the calibrationstandard curveStandard Deviation measure of the reproducibility of the results high SD not reproducibleGeneral Steps in a Chemical AnalysisF
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