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Chapter 3

CHMB16 Chapter 3

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Kagan Kerman

Chapter 4 StatisticsGaussian DistributionGaussian Distribution an ideal smooth curve that is a result of repeated experimentation as results tend to cluster about the average valueMean the sum of the measured values divided by n the number of measurementsStandard Deviation measures how closely the data are clustered about the meanoSmaller the standard deviation the more closely data are clustered about the meanosxaverage2n 1Degrees of Freedom n1Variance s2Relative Standard DeviationCoefficient of Variation 100 x saverageGaussian Curve y1s2p exm22s2zxaverage or ms or sthe probability of measuring z in a certain range is equal to the area of that rangeThe standard deviation measures the width of the Gaussian curveStandard Deviation of the Mean of Sets of n Values snsnoThe more times you measure a quantity the more confident you can be that the average is close to the population meanConfidence IntervalsConfidence Interval averagetsn where t is Students t taken from a table from the book at page 73o50 confidence interval means that if we repeated the experiment an infinite number of times 50 of the err
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