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CHMB16 LAB NOTESexperiment 10 2012 Physical properties Compound Description MWgmol BPMP FP Solubility Density in water Quinine White solid 78295 Decomposes 205 na Slightly na sulfate soluble in dehydrate cold H20 005M Colorless 9808 310 27 na Soluble na HSO to light 24yellow liquid NaCl White solid 5844 1413 801Solublena 01 M White solid 4000 1388 323Soluble in naNaOH cold H20 Tonicna na na na na na na waterAssociated hazard Compound Disposal Potential health First aid Fire protocol Handling effects Quinine sulfate Waste must be Hazardous in case Eye Contact SMALL FIRE Use Keep away from dehydrate disposed of in of eye contact Check for and DRY chemical heat Keep away accordance with irritant of remove any powder LARGE from sources of federal state and ingestion of contact lenses FIRE Use water ignition Empty local inhalation Slightly Immediately flush spray fog or foam containers pose a environmental hazardous in case eyes with running Do not use water fire risk evaporate control of skin contact water for at least jet the residue under regulations irritant 15 minutes a permeator keeping eyelids fume hood open Cold water Ground all may be used Do equipment not use an eye containing ointment Seek material Do not medical attention breathe dust p 2 Avoid contact with Skin Contact eyes Wear After contact with suitable protective skin wash clothing In case of immediately with insufficient plenty of water ventilation wear Gently and suitable thoroughly wash respiratory the contaminated equipment If you skin with running feel unwell seek water and nonmedical attention abrasive soap Be and particularly careful show the label to clean folds when possible crevices creases and groin Cover the irritated skin with an 1 BY EDITHC
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