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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

PHLA11 2014 - Paper #2 Due: April 1, 2014 at 11am. How to submit your work: 1) Hand in a paper copy in lecture. And 2) Submit an electronic copy to turnitin via Portal. - Go to our Portal course webpage. - In the “Course Materials” section, under “Assignments”, you will find a turnitin link for Paper #2 specific to your TA. - For example, if your TA is Josh, click the link for “Turnitin Submissions Paper #2- Josh’s Tutorials”. - Instructions for how to complete the process are here: Length: 1000-1200 words Format: Double-spaced, with 12pt font and 1 inch margins. Put your name, student number, and your TA’s name at the top of the first page. - You should keep a copy of your work for your records and in case we need you to resubmit it for any reason. - Any standard citation method is acceptable (APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style). But, whatever style you use, it is important to be consistent, accurate and thorough with your citations. - I do not advise looking at any secondary sources – it is generally best to focus on relevant course readings and what we covered in lecture and tutorial. But if you do use any secondary sources, be sure to cite them properly. Page 1 of 2 Choose one of the following t
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