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John Glover

1 Keeping busy Many isolated enzymes if incubated at 37C will be denatured However if the enzymes are incu bated at 37C in the presence of substrate the enzymes are catalytically active Explain this apparent paradox 2 Controlled paralysis Succinylcholine is a fastacting shortduration muscle relaxant that is used when a tube is inserted into a patients trachea or when a bronchoscope is used to examine the trachea and bronchi for signs of cancer Within seconds of the administration of succinylcholine the patient experiences muscle paralysis and is placed on a respi rator while the examination proceeds Succinylcholine is a competitive inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase a nervous sys tem enzyme and this inhibition causes paralysis However succinylcholine is hydrolyzed by bloodserum cholinesteraswhich shows a broader substrate specificity than does the ner vous system enzyme Paralysis lasts until the succinylcholine is hydrolyzed by the serum cholinesterase usually several minutes later a As a safety measure serum cholinesterase is measured before the examination takes place Explain why this mea surement is good ideab What would happen to the patient if the serum cholinesterase activity were only 10 units of activity per liter rather than the normal activity of about 80 units c Some patients have a mutant form of the serum cholinesterase that displays a Kof 10 mM rather than the normal 14 mM What will be M the effect of this mutation on the patient 3 Mode of inhibition The kinetics of an enzyme are mea sured as a function of substrate concentration in the pres ence and in the absence of 2 mM inhibitor I S Velocity Velocity No InhibitorInhibitor 3 104 41 5 145 64
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