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Chapter 9

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John Glover

1 Word origin Account for the origin of the term carbohydrate 2 Diversity How many different oligosaccharides can be made by linking one glucose one mannose and one galac tose residue Assume that each sugar is in its pyranose form Compare this number with the number of tripeptides that can be made from three different amino acids 3 Couples Indicate whether each of the following pairs of sugars consists of anomers epimers or an aldoseketose pair a Dglyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone b Dglucose and Dmannosec Dglucose and DfructosedDglucose andDglucose e Dribose and Dribulose f Dgalactose and Dglucose 4 Mutarotation The specific rotations of the and anomers of Dglucose are 112 degrees and 187 degrees respectively Specific rotation is defined as the observed rotation of light of wavelength D589 nm the D line of a sodium lamp passing through 10 cm of a 1 g 1 mlsolution of a sample When a crystalline sample ofD glucopyranose is dissolved in water the specific rotation decreases from 112 degrees to an equilibrium value of 527 degrees On the basis of this result what are the proportions of the and anomers at equilibrium Assume that the concentration of the openchain form is negligible 5 Telltale marker Glucose reacts slowly with hemoglobin and other proteins to form covalent compounds Why is glucose reactive What is the nature of the adduct formed 6 Periodate cleavage Compounds containing hydroxyl groups on adjacent carbon atoms undergo carboncarbon bond cleavage when 4treated with periodate ion IO How can this reaction be used to distinguish between pyrano sides and furanosides if cisglycans are cleaved more rapidly than transglycols 7 Oxygen source Does the oxygen atom attached to C1 in methyl
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