Chapter 6 - Thermochemistry

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Published on 14 Apr 2011
Chapter 6 Thermochemistry
6.1 Chemical Hand Warmers
Thermochemistry: The study of the relationships between chemistry and energy
6.2 The Nature of Energy: Key Definitions
- Energy (E): The capacity to supply heat or do work
- Kinetic Energy (Ek): The energy of motion or energy that is being transferred, Ek = ½ m*v2
units are Joules (J)
- Potential Energy (Ep): Stored energy of energy associated with the composition and
position of the object
Units: 1 cal =4.184 J
- System: Material or process within one is studying the energy changes within
- Surroundings: Everything else with which the system can exchange energy with
- Heat: Energy transferred between a system and its surrounding as a result of temperature
difference, heat flows from HOTTER to COLDER (temperature may change and phase may
6.3 The First Law of Thermodynamics: There is No Free Lunch
- First Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy CANNOT be created or destroyed, when
energy is transferred or converted between objects, the total amount of energy present at
the beginning must be present at the end
- Energy Flow and Conservation of Energy:
- Internal Energy E: Sum of kinetic and potential energies of all particles that compose the
system, changes depend on the amount of energy at the beginning and end
- State Function: Mathematical function whose result only depends on initial and final
6.4 Quantifying Heat and Work
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