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Chapter 14

Chapter 14--Equilibrium: Key Terms & Concepts

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Jamie Donaldson

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Chapter 14: Chemical Equilibrium
Dynamic Equilibrium:
The condition in which the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the
reverse reaction
As concentration of product increases, and concentrations of reactants
decrease, rate of forward reaction slows down and rate of reverse reaction
speeds up
Law of Mass Action: ex: aA + bB < -- > cC + dD
K < 1, reverse reaction is favored
K = 1, neither direction is favored
K > 1, forward reaction is favored
If you reverse the equation, invert the equilibrium.
k(reverse) = 1/k(forward)
if you multiply the coefficients in the equation by a factor, raise the
equilibrium constant to the same factor :
if you have two equilibrium equations, multiple k1 and k2 to obtain the
overall k
k3 = k1 x k2
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