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Chapter 2

CITB01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Anomie, Cash Flow, Gangster Disciples

City Studies
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Ahmed Allahwala

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Muhammad Arslan Khan
Classical Theories of Crime
Jordan Harel
March, 20, 2018
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With crime rates and incarceration increasing, it has become difficult to accurately point towards
what causes it. The negative implication that are formed with incremental increases of gang
related activity are difficult to steer towards a single sole cause. Although difficulties explaining
the causation remain, there are external sources of criminal justice and its theories of crime to
explain the reason why certain criminal activity is perpetuated, and the thought that goes into
committing it. I seek to validate reasoning behind a case which has great importance, and
relevance to the current situation crimes occurring right now. With the explanation of Merton
strain Theory to provide support, and back my statement, I will be able to explain the rising
encounters of gang violence, and avid aspired individual to seek money through illegitimate
ways to financially stabilize the high rises of poverty.
The article “bored broke, and harmed clues of Chicago gang violence” provided a vindictive side
and negative side of Chicago. A city heavenly cemented by positivity of basketball teams, and
lavish living styles is actually not the case. The case I had chosen to discuss features young male
who are affiliated and connected by gang activity. The case revolves around two opposing gang
members of the respect black disciples and gangster disciples (Eligion, 2016). The two opposing
gang allow for aggressive verbal stimulations, which leads to severe outcomes resulting
occurrence of shooting. Ron also known as kaos a member of black disciples, explains that
shooting was done due to aftermath of arguments between the black disciples and gangster
disciples rell rell and Gucci over the breach of the code and stated that gangster disciples were
“rat “for so called snitching on Ron(Eligion, 2016). This caused a brew of hatred to conform
among the members of the gang, which allowed for bad blood to form between the two gang
members (Eligion, 2016). Kaos a victim of conflict earned A GED in prison, after being charged
for 3 felonies of possession of fire armed. He spent a year in cooking institution before, resigning
due to rival gang territory (Eligion, 2016). There was community resolution solved by the pastor,
which allowed for mutual fix between the two gang, to not fight. But the agreement was
breached by the both gang. “With murders totaling a staggering 739, it has been the year with the
most causalities since 1997” (Eligion, 2016). “The new York times have tracked that there has
been occurrence of 49 shooting out of 64 victims in the past 3 days” (Eligion, 2016). This aims
to show that, the rates are increasing for negative reasons. The black disciple’s gang member,
explains that if money is being made they are less eager to engage in gang activity. He also
mentions the main cause for gang affiliation is the lack of entertainment and primarily boredom
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