CLAB05H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Philotas, Proskynesis, Triballi

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5 Feb 2016
Alexander the Great!
During Alexander’s father, Philip’s reign, he turned Macedon into a powerful centralized
Philip and Olympias groomed Alexander carefully by letting him tutors by Greek tutors, such as
Timely intervention by Philip’s senior general Antipater saved the succession for Alexander. !
The reason why there is a lack of agreement on even basic issues of Alexanders biography was
that the available sourced were limited and historians had difficulty in transcending their own
historical context.!
Alexander actively promoted the development of literature about himself and his achievements.!
It is agreed that Alexander’s personal actions were of decisive importance in shaping his
remarkable events of his reign.!
Greek first caught Alexander’s attention, and he made a sudden appearance in Greece, making
them to abandon their former plan to free the Greek states.!
Alexander’s first major campaign and attacked Triballi.!
Having secure his northern frontier, Alexander turned southwestward into Illyria to deal with
Philip’s old enemy, king Cleitus.!
Because of Alexander’s long absence and confident in Athenian aid, Thebans revolted. The
destruction for Thebes was remembered as one of the great atrocities of Greek history. For a
second time in a little over a year, the Corinthian League acknowledged Alexanders hegemony
and affirmed its support for his policies.!
-Invasion of Asia!
Alexander also took steps to neutralize potential opposition in Macedon. once his hold on the
throne was secure, he dropped all the pretense of reconciliation and took decisive action against
his inner enemies.!
In the spring of 334BC, Alexander led his force across the Hellespont to Asia.!
To maintain his authority, Alexander left half of his Macedonian troops in Macedon under
Antipater. His second hand was Permenion.!
-The Battle of Granicus(334BC)!
The vast size of Persia meant that the mobilization to move its main force to frontier was hard.!
Since the Persians had staked everything on killing Alexander, their failure of that plan brought
Alexander’s victory at Granicus changed the character of the war. The Persian position in
Anatolia disintegrated.!
Increasingly Alexander’s interest as king overrode his obligations to the League and his concerns
for Greek opinion.!
-Greek Reaction!
Alexander freely intervened in the internal affairs of Greek states whenever he thought it
The steps to non-Greek states were similar. He took actions to win local support in Anatolia by
entrust local administration with natives.!
The dependence of army on Alexander and the power gave him would only increase as the
march carried further and further from Macedon.!
-The Battle of Issus( 333BC)!
Alexander directed his forces toward the coastal regions of Syria, Palestine and Egypt to secure
his back.!
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