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Classical Studies
Faye Mishna

Chapter 1Key Words Egypt 1 Egypt as gift of NileMentioned by Greek historian Herodotus River Nile would cause flood annually leaving behind fertile soil that allowed them to grow crops and water for drinking and bathing transportation and creation of paper was also possible Due to River Nilecivilization was possible in Egypt and desert all around2 Upper and Lower Egypt Upper Egypt South Ta Shemauconnects from Cairo to Aswan 720 km Lower Egypt North Ta Mehuconnects from Mediterranean Sea to Cairo 160 km it was united into a single entity by Pharaoh King Narmer3 Sources of Nile White and Blue White Nile source is Ugandais the longer one Blue Nile source is Ethiopiawater and fertile soil4 Kartoumthe capital of Egypt where two Niles unify and empty into the Mediterranean Sea 5 Nile Flows North through the DesertThe Blue and White Niles meet and flow north and empty i
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