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Classical Studies
Faye Mishna

Chapter 2Key Words EgyptManetholived in Greece who wrote the history of Egypt history of pharaonic rdcivilization during the Ptolemaic era 3 BC It is mostly corrupt and difficult to verify Wrote it in GreekHe was a priest in city of HeniopolisGeorge SyncellusA Roman Byzantine historian who also wrote accounts of the History of Egypt information on Dynastiesetcin the Book of SothisHe was appointed patriarch of ConstantiopleTurin King Lista hieratic written in cursive text dates back to Ramases II a pharaoh timesIt basically inscribes list of all Egyptian rulersIt is inscribed on papyrus a thick papertype matieral was found in a tomb in ThebesAbydos King Listlists names of 67 kings and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt found on walls of Temple of Seti I Abydos EgyptMenesfirst Pharaoh who unified Upper and Lower EgyptThe Egyptian culture changed very little over next 3000 years supported by Manethos accountThinisthe capital city of the first dynasties of EgyptAbydosone of the most ancient cities of Upper Egypt The Abydos King list was stndfound in Temple of Seti Icontained royal tombs of kings from 1 and 2 dynastiesNarmerwas the first pharaoh to claim to have united the two lands according to archeological findingsHe was the final king in Protodynastic Period maybe he is MenesNarmer Palette y Kingdefeating enemies y White crownupper Egypt red crownis lower Egypt y Narmerthe king who unified Egypt into one central state Unification of Egyptled to formation of Pharaohsor Dynasty I who ruled over unified EgyptThe nomes provinces were formed and former rulers of individual towns were forced to become governors of their area or risk being tax collectors if resistedrdMemphisis the capital city of Egypt established in 3 Dynasty by Pharaoh Djoser in Old Kingdom
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