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Chapter 1

chapter 1 notes. proper!

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Classical Studies
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Anna Walsh

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Classical Myth: Chapter One What is a myth? Originally the greek word mythos meant authoritative speechstoryplot Myth: a traditional story with collective importance Considering myth as a story here are the components: o Beginning: characters are introduced in a situation, usually one of conflict with other characters, misfortune or themselves o Middle: situation becomes more complex, tension and conflict develop o End: tension is resolved Elements of myths: o Characters: can be gods, goddesses, supernatural beings, humans, or even animals that speak and act in the manner of human beings o Settings: time and place in which the action of story unfolds. They always take place in the distant past or in a shadowy time altogether outside human chronology. It could take place in an actual place (eg Athens) or an obscure one where no ones ever visited (the underworld, Mt. Olympus) o Plot: the beginning, middle and end They are considered traditional because they are passed down from one generation to another orally. (not written down) The collective importance part comes from the fact that they, the myths, hold meanings for entire groups of people and not just individual o Describes patterns of behaviour that are used as models for members in society in times of crises. www.notesolution.com
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