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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

Classical Myth 7EBarry B Powell Chapter 1 The Nature of Myth What is a mythEnormous variety of stories gathered from many cultures by ethnographers anthropologist and literary historiansMythoGreek word for authoritative speechplotstorya traditional story with collective importancecharacterGreek word for a certain mental imprint Essential Elements Plot setting charactersTraditionalTradoLatin for hand overMaintain contact with the past and pass inherited wisdom on to the future o Explain society to itself its concerns and values o Describes pattern of behaviour that serve as models for member of society esp in times of crisisAre anonymousLogosGreek word for accounto Teller of logos takes responsibility for truth of what is saidWhile telling the story the tale is subjected to constant change due to narrators emphasizing different motives or embroider on different aspectsTypes of Myth Divine Mythstrue myths stories which supernatural beings are the main actors Explains why the world or some aspect of it is the way it is o Supernatural beings are depicted to be as superior to humans in power and splendor they control forces of nature thunder storm rain fire earthquake fecundity o These characters are more than personified abstractions without clearly defined personalitiesEg NikeVictory would be the concept o They are gods goddesses demons with welldeveloped personalities of their own o Events usually take pla
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