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Chapter 4

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Classical Studies
Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 4 – Myths of Creation - ZEUS Prominent Themes in Greek Creation Story • Power of male over female • Father kills son because he might replace him • Titans – untamed forces of nature (offspring were seas + river) EASTERN CREATION STORIES Babylonian Enuma Elish • Recited for go of city, Marduk • Male freshwater Apsu, and saltwater monster female Tiamat come together • First produce monsters then gods • Heaven and earth and (fourth generation Anu and Ea) are born but Apsu wants to kill them so does his commander Mummu who he then kissed • Ea, the skillful wise, killed Apsu and built a house over him and jailed Mummu • Ea and his wife lived there and gave birth to Marduk, god of Babylon. • Marduk’s grandfather Anu gave gift of wind to play with. Which annoyed gods • Tiamet decided to defend them with a monster army • Tiamet married Kingu and gave him tablet with power over the universe • Anshar who is a god tells Ea go to war against Tiamet but he and Anu lose • Anshar kissed Marduk who then agrees to fight Tiamet in return for absolute power
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