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Chapter 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 4 – Myths of Creation - ZEUS Hesiod • Cosmogony – explains origin of the world is for Hesoid the same as Theogeny – a story that explains the origins of gods and their rise to power • There are three generations Chaos, Gaea and Uranus Children of Chaos • First Chaos - gaping • then came Gaea(mother earth) –foundation o who married Tartarus - underside of foundation • then came Eros (sexual love/attraction to produce offspring) Children of Gaea(Earth) • Alone gave birth to: o Uranus (sky) o Mountains o Pontus (sea) • With Uranus (covered): o 12 Titans (including Rhea, Cronus (last born), Oceanus) o Cyclopes (clever smiths, weapons making) o Hecatonchires (100arms, 50 heads) • With Pontus o Nereus – wise old man of sea o Ceto – sea monster o Thaumas Hyperion (A titan)’s children • Sun god: o Helius (also sun god) o Selene (moon) o Eos (dawn) • Phaethon (son of Helius and Clymene) got one wish when Helius wanted to prove that he was indeed his father. He asked to drive the chariot of the sun across the sky. Zeus blasted him from the sky to save earth • Selene seduced and had 50 daughters with a guy and zeus granted the wish to have him in an eternal sleep so he never grows old • Eos had many love affairs Cronus against Uranus • Uranus hated his offspring • Cronus broke away Uranus’ genitals with sickle so there was there a distinction between earth and sky • From drops of blood came: o Erinyes o Giants • From Uranus Genitals falling in the sea came: o Aphrodite – goddess of sexual love – older than Cronus children Other • Echidna + Orthus o Sphinx – strangler/plague o Hydra - o Chinmera – lion with goat tail o Cerberus – 50 headed hound who guards gate of Hades realm Zeus against Cronus: Battle with Titans • Cronus was king, ate his children (from wife and sister Rhea)
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