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Chapter 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 7 – Myths of the Great God Apollo Apollo – the far darter, god of prophecy • Called Lycian so From Asia Minor? Or wolf like because he used to protect Sheppard’s from wolves. • With their Tinaness mother, Leto Apollo and Artemis formed a devine family • Leto – mother of devine twins, ready to defend honour • Apollo – sungod as artemis was before thought to represent dark and the moon • Although has archer, he is not hunter but it holds disease. • Apollo’s priests daughter is kidnapped, and Apollo saves her Birth of Apollo on Delos • Titanus Leto (daughter of Coeus and Phoebe) was a mistress of Zeus. She was persecuted by Hera. She said that no land will see her children. • Delos and Ortygia, two floating islands were exceptions. Apollo was born on Delos, Artemis on Ortygia hanging on a palm tree Apollo at Delphi • Apollo becomes oral poet playing for choral dance and singing and entertaining to join the gods at Olympus. o Apollo beat satyr Marsyas master of the double flue with his lyre skills in a musical contest and the winner can do as he likes so flayed him alive o Apollo wondered in Olympus looking for a place to build oracle but at Telphusa the nymph fearing competition persuaded him to go somewhere else to precipitous Parnassus slopes. o Apollo defeats serpent Python and kills Telphusa for sending him to the dragon infested place and buries her in a cliff and builds a shrine for himself • Apollo wondered how to get priests fir his new temple at Delphi so turned into a dolphin and jumped aboard a boat, went back to man and took them as priests. o He assured them they would have food even though there were no crops in precipitious slope. o To be cleansed from miasma (blood) he went to foot of Olympus and did rituals Observati
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