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Chapter 11

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Classical Studies
Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 11 – Myths of Fertility (Dionysus) • Dionysus was admitted to Olympians later than everyone and apparently displaced Hestia to become one of 12 • Turned grape juice into wine • Thick ivy, leopard skin, panthers and chariot, horns of a bull Birth and Early Youth of Dionysus • Zeus loved Semele so he went to her house as a disguised man and made her pregnant. • Hera hearing this went to her house as an old woman and after she revealed the truth she started to believe maybe Zeus was not king. Semele wished that he appear like he appears to Hera and he burned her. • Hermes took the fetus to Zeus who stitched it to himself and out came Dionysus, the twice born god. • Hermes carried the baby to Ino, semele’s sister and she disguised the child in girl’s clothing to protect him from Her. Ino is also King ahamas wife. • Hera made the husband and wife go crazy as the king killed the first son and the wife boiled the second and jumped into the sea with it coming out as Leucothea, the white godess • To save Dionysus, Zeus turned him into a young goat and delivered him to a mountain, nymphs of Nysa The Wanderings of Dionysus • Hera made him insane, he meant Cybele/Rhea, who cured him. It is from her he got his robes. He travelled along east with his juice and group • Female followers – Bacchae / Male Followers – satyrs / Silenus – old satyr • He rewarded Midas for his hospitality and gave him the gold power • Midas couldn’t eat so he revesed it by bathing in river • Dionysus married Ariadnem a daughter of Kind Midos. Resistance to the God • In Dionysus’ travels, king Lycurgus persecutes them but he was struck by zeus and they took him to a mountain where horses ate him alive • At the new city everyone accepted him except the kings daughters, the Minyads who stayed home instead of coming to the mountains • Dionysus mad them go crazy eat the children and come as he took the form of a bull, lion and panther • He turned them into bats who love dark and reject light • Daughters of Perseus’ uncle the Proetids resisted god so he made their hair itchy, think they were cows, kill children then go into the wild • Melampus a seer, cured them with herbs in exchange for 2/3 the kingdom of Argos Dionysus and the Pirates • Pirates saw him as rich so tied him up to the ship to ask for ransom but the strings kept falling apart • They realized he was a god and released him but thei
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