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Chapter 15

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Xuefeng Liu

Chapter 15 – Heraclus • After a life of suffering and defeat, he came to Olympus and became a god • Shoots bow and arrow • He is like Giglamesh Birth of Heracles • Perseus son Electryon married his neice and had a daughter Alcema • Of Electryon’s older brothers, Sthenelus had a son Eurystheus and Alcaeus had a son Amphitryon. • Electryon became king of Mycenae but soon pirates attacked him and killed all but one of his sons • He put the kingship and care of his daughter Alcmena to his nephew Amphitryon who killed him and was banned from Mycenae • Taking Alcmena, Amphitryon flew north to Thebes where king Creon purified him of blood pollution for his murder • A and A married but she refused to sleep with him without avenging death of her brothers that her dad wanted to do • So Amphitryon with the help of king killed the pirates and returned for sex • Zeus showed booty that he killed the pirates and asked for sex (disguised as Amphitryon • The real A came and she did it again • From Zeus came Heracles, the greatest greek hero and from Amphitryon came Iphicles (humble). • Heracles couldn’t be king of Myceane or Tiryns although he was destined to become god but instead became slave to cousin Eurystethus. When ALcema was going to give birth, he swore that on that day someone will be born to rule over surrounding lands • But Hera delayed his borth and fastened that of Eurystethus. The child of Menippe and Sthenelus, also son of perseus hence Zeus’ grandson • Alchema was in the birthing room for 7days and was nearly dead from exhaustion • She asked birth goddess Lucina to help her • But she helped Hera by she prevented the birth of the child by prayers • Galanthis saw her doing this and yelled, yay the baby is born, breaking the spell which resulted in Heraclus and Iphicles being born although she got turned into a weasel Observations : Twin and Devine Birth • Twins – 1/80 births either killed them or amazed by them • Faternal twins – one mortal, two father • Either very close friends or enemies • Enemies – Danaus/Aegyptus and Acrisius/Proetus • Close Friends – Heraclus/Iphicles and Castor/Polydeuces Hereclus’ Youthful Deeds • Amphitryon knew that he was father to one of the twins and Zeus to other but not sure which. • Only when Hera sent serpents to kill the babies and one fought while one didn’t he knew the truth • One day Zeus put Heracles on Hera’s breath where he bit and created the milky way hurting her • Aristrocat education, tall, strong, muscles, wrestling, archery, fighting with heavy armour playing the lyre, martial arts. He had big clumsy fingers that he kept breaking the lyre • He bashed the lyre on the teachers’ head but free on self defense charge • He sent Heracles to mount where he beat boys in athletic games and grew 6ft tall • He decided to hunt the lion that was bothering Thespius for 50 days staying at his house each night. He wanted grandchildren from him so he sent a daughter each night to make love with him (or all 50 at once) • Eventually he killed the lion Marriage Madness and Murder • Amphitron was killed in war against Erginus as they defeated the minyans. Her married princess Megara given to him by new king of Thebes Creon. He had three children but Hera made him go mad, and he murdered his wife and children • After he sees what he did, he goes to suicide but he is convinced by Theseus to live. He goes to oracle in Delphi to get rid of sins which tells him to go see his cousin Eurystethus and perform 12 labours for him • His prize would be immortality although the tasks were more than 12 are there sub categories like Labours, and side-deeds 1. The Nemean Lion – kill a lion. He fired a bow and arrow which bounced off so he wrestled it and broke it’s neck and broke its skin with its own claws. He wore it as a cloak. E said that he don’t need to come see him but should report to dung man Copreas. 2. The Lernaean Hydra – destroy an enormous serpent, Hydra (water serpent). Many heads and lived in swamps. Ravaged field and livestock, its breath was death. Heraclus nephew Iolaus, accompanied him. He shot burning arrows and moved closer with the sword. It had a crab (cancer constellation) sidekick. Everytime he cut a head, two grew and the middle was immortal. They smashed the crab, and I put a firebands on the stumps on the head so they won’t grow and slashed the main head. He buried the head under a rocked and dipped swords into the poison(inside of the monster bile) which is also going to kill him soon. 3. Ceryneian Deer – Bring the deer from the mountain that belonged to Artemis. He looked for a year but finally hit her with an arrow. Artemis and Appolo stopped him and got mad for killing his sister’s sacred animal. After he showed it to Copreus, he gave it back, 4. Erymanthian Boar – (side deed, the friendly centaur pholus) – He met pholus, a centaur, in a cave who gave him meat. He also forcefully took the wine that belongs to the Centaurs. There was then attack among them and they went to main centaur Chiron. He was immortal but Heraclus poisoned arrow went inside him even though. Prometheus chained on the caucus traded his mortality for the agonizing immortality so he died. Centaur pholus accidently killed himself with the arrow. 5. Augean Stables – son of Helius was king and had many herds but never cleaned his stables. Hereclus had to clean the high pile of dung in trade for 1/10 of the cattle. He completed it by moving a river towards it but Augeas refused to pay as it was a task but Heraclus killed him as one of
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