Week 1: Minoans and Mycenaeans

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Janet Mowat

Week 1- CHAPTER 4: THE GREEK BEFORE HISTORY Minos = a great king that most Greeks thought ruled Crete Minoan Palaces: -Famous tale -Minos failed to sacrifice a special bull to Poseidon -The angry god caused Minos and his wife to love with that bull -She had sex with it = ½ man, ½ bull, man eating Minotaur (“bull of Minos”) -Minos built a maze – “the Labyrinth and kept the Minotaur there Sources: Primary Sources = sources of info made by people present during the period Secondary Sources = sources of info that aren’t primary sources Arthur Evans -Rebuilt portions of the walls of the Cronsus palace Linear A -New writing system that rulers used to keep track of supply -Had mainly economic accounts -Redistributive Centers + Linear A allowed rulers to run a centralized command economy IOW: the harvested crops went to the palace, recorded by bureaucrats using Linear A, gave rulers what they needed then sent to village that the ruler felt was enough for local/public Thalassocracy “Kingdom of the Sea” -Described the power of the Minoans as this since they were given no t
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