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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

MYTHOLOGY 4Female deities1Artemis and Athena are Zeuss daughtersAPHRODITERoman equivalent is VenusBorn by the foam from the genitals Cyprus and Cytheratwo important shrinesPictured as coming out of a shellTwo rep Of Eros 1 a primordial serious version and 2 a small little mischievous boyPLATO came up with two versions of Aphrodites birth oAphrodite Urania born out of Uranus genitalsoPandemos she is the daughter of Zeus and DioneArostphaties explanation of desire humans were once one gender but the god sperated the two and now they try to come together to become one againSocrates we should know that we do not know anything we must accept that we are missing we cannot strive for something betterShe tends to be clothed 65 centurythDuring 4 BC she was shown as nakedCrown of leaves doves sparrow geese and a girdle Surrounding her Eros Peitho female goddess known as persuasion and the Horae and the GracesAdoniaher festival Trojan war started Zeus sends the 3 goddesses to Paris Hera Athena and Aphrodite to see which one is the most beautiful and he choses Aphrodite Athena offers him powerto become the strongest hero Hera offers him royalty Aphrodite offers him Helen the most beautiful woman So Paris steals Helen from Germany which starts the Trojan warHer lover is Ares
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