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Economics for Management Studies
Lindsay Racquel

ECMC34 Lecture 1 Four different health care systems: ● United Kingdom ─ Established in 1946 ─ Patients have relatively free, easy access to primary and emergency care ─ In addition to the NHS, there is also a private sector health system ─ Specialty care is rationed through wait lists and limits on available technology ─ UK health care spending per capita = $3487 in 2009 (9.8% of GDP) ● United States ─ The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) ─ Mixed system ─ Private health care with some national health coverage (Medicaid & CHIP) ─ US health care spending per capita = $7960 in 2009 (approx. 17.4% of GDP) ● China ─ Basic Medical Insurance (BMI) ─ Free for service (FFS) ─ New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) ● Canada NHI: The Canadian Health Act of 1984 defines the criteria and conditions for the provinces and territories to satisfy in order to qualify for their full share of the federal transfers under the Canadian Health Transfer (CHT) cash contribution ─ The Canadian Health Act, National principles ─ Public Administration ─ Comprehensiveness ─ Universality ─ Portability ─ Accessibility ─ Two key provisions of the Act guide Canada’s Medicare: 1. No extra billing by medical practitioners or dentists for insured health services under the terms of the health care insurance plan 2. No user charges for insured health services by hospitals or
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