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Published on 28 Jun 2012
Unit 15- Kosovo, a War on the Environment
1- Which of the following was not a contaminant causing concern as a result
of the Kosovo war ?
a- Vinyl mono chloride
b- Mercury
c- Ethylene dichloride
d- Arsenic
e- none of the above
2- Examples of transboundary effects of the war include:
a- Acid rain in Romania
b- Pollutants inflow into the Black sea
c- Increased air pollution levels throughout Asia and Europe
d- A and b
e- All of the above
3- Plants were particularly affected by the war, how so?
a- soil contamination
b- water pollution
c- direct bombing
d- a and c
e- all of the above
4- Mitigation of adverse environmental effects at the time of the war occurred
due to:
a- military activity restrictions over sensitive sites
b- remediation of affected sites
c- rainfall
d- b and c
e- none of the above
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