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Garry Martin Leonard

thMarch 4 The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison is a person who endured hardship She was a single mother and she took a creative writing course out of which she made the bluest eye She was also single mother 15it took her about 5 years to write the book onandoff and in 15 years shes nominated for the Nobel Prize and then in 20 years she wins the Nobel PrizeThere was a miracle in the bluest eye This was the survival of her most vital part when we read the bluest eye we ask under what conditions do we grow and under what conditions do we shrinkgrowToni Morrison takes a collective approach to the hatred and oppression of the blacks She go through the usual of finding a usual target to blame Everyone is to blameThe novel formulates a self representation It represents how you actually feelHer wish to have the bluest eye is associated with Pecola who some how thinks that if she could have blue eyes which was only given to the white girls and was associated with being loved then she could save herself her family and the rest of her environment Children have everything to do with your surrounding because children are your surrounding Children are much your surrounding as the seeds falling on dirt Seeds have no say were they are thrown They have no choicesee had nothing to saw on the type of earth it falls on The seed has no choice The seed has no responsibiilties but the seed has a danger that it will blame itself The real death of the soul is when the seed blames itself All seeds have to endure the quality of their environment even if this is unfair or impossible There is only one condition wher the seed will not succeed and that is if it blames itslefThe seed might feel like its lack of resources is a just condition reflecting its worth Thats fatal This is one of the depressing novels in literature it charts the upper and complete destruction of a child What is more horrible that this This was morssions first novel Salvation lies at the point of the greatest condemntaion Its where humanity fails that it is to turn and gorw again We are trained to be efficient get there faster get around it find a way etc its the path of success that forms you and not the arrival This novel begisn with a terrible outcome Morrison gives away the ending in the first chapter finrst line there merrigold did not grow that spring the experience of Pecola frove her to maddness This is why Pecola wanders around in a trash area talking to herself convinced that she has blue eyes She has to talk to herself because she is in this fused in a loop to convince herself that she has blue eyes And this loop cannot end cuz its sustaining a myth that is destructive Morrison tells us that Pecolas damage is permanent So the point of the story is will somerthign change and how because of what happened to pecola Toni Morrison says on pg 2 there is nothing more to be said excpet why This question is a false comforst because it is too big a question She adds why is too difficult we have to ask how So this novel
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