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Textbook Notes for ENGB04H3 at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)


ENGB04H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Caesura, English Poetry, Free Variables And Bound Variables

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A poet"s choice of meter is deliberate and so poets places his work in relation to all the rest of english poetry. Ex: dactylic hexameter has never bee
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ENGB04H3 Chapter Notes -Software License, Canadian Business, Monopolistic Competition

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Office hours how to find or contact your professor. Academic support where to get help and support. Course administration who else can help or advise y
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ENGB04H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter W9: Chimney Sweep, James Basire, Bunhill Fields

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Don"t use passive: it can be noted that. What is the subject in the sentence. There is no subject not very grammatically correct. Take responsibility f
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ENGB04H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter W7: Marjorie Perloff, Roman Jakobson, Hugo Ball

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From ferdinand de saussure"s course in general linguistics. Hugo ball, dada manifesto: . and yourselves, honoured poets, who are always writing with wo
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ENGB04H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter W5.2: Caesura, Anthropocentrism, Sentience

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Caesura: a pause in the middle of a line in poetry, poem about parts. Enjambment: continuation of a sentence or clause over a line-break, a poem about
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