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MGTA03 Introduction to Management I Course Outline – Winter 2012 Professor Chris Bovaird Instructor Contact Information: Office: IC - 266 Office hours: Refer to page 4 Email: [email protected] Telephone: 416 287 7337 Class day/time: Tuesdays at 9.00 a.m. Class location: AA - 112 Course website: https://intranet.utsc.utoronto.ca/home.php Please Read This Course Outline! It contains important information about this course. MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Course Outline – Table of Contents Course Overview and Description – What MGTA03 is about 3 Learning Outcomes – What you will learn 3 Lecture Time and Location 4 Faculty Information - About your Professor 4 Office Hours – How to Find or Contact Your Professor 4 Academic Support – Where to Get Help and Support 5 Course Administration – Who else can Help or Advise You 5 Course Evaluation – Information about tests and exams 6 - 7 Mid-Term Test 6 Final Examination 7 Grades In This Course – Class Averages 8 Marking Policies and Procedures – How your Tests and Exams are Marked 8 Re-Grading Policies and Procedures – What to do about questions or concerns 9 Academic Misconduct 10 Course Textbook – The book that will be use to teach this course 10 Lecture Schedule – Dates, topics and assigned readings for this semester 11 Optional – Bonus Marks for In-Class Participation – Maximum 4 marks 12 Page 2 of 12 MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Course Overview and Description – What MGTA03 is about This course serves as an introduction to business, the role of businesses in the Canadian economy, and the management of businesses. The course begins with an overview of Canadian businesses and the environments in which managers of businesses must work: the economic environment, the entrepreneurial environment and the global environment. The course then considers the role of managers and the process of management, including planning and organizing the resources of the firm, with a particular emphasis on motivating and leading the human resources. Learning Outcomes – What You Will Learn As a result of taking this course, you should develop an understanding of:  The features and characteristics of a business;  The raw material for all businesses: "factors of production"  The features and characteristics of the Canadian economic system, and how private enterprises (i.e. businesses) participate within that system;  The concept of "markets" and various types of markets (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oliogoplies, and monopoly);  Key measures of how well an economic system is performing: GDP, GDP growth, GDP/capita, inflation, employment and unemployment;  The key role of small business and entrepreneurship in the Canadian economy;  Characteristics and traits of entrepreneurs;  How to start a business: proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations;  The role of the Canadian economy within the world, and the importance of international business and international trade, to Canada;  Exports, imports, balance of trade, balance of payments, and barriers to trade;  How businesses are led: leadership, strategy formulation, goal setting;  How Managers manage: planning, organising, leading and controlling  Managing people: organisation structures, chains of command, authority, responsibility, accountability and delegation,;  Motivating people: theories, models and approaches to getting the best out of your co-workers and subordinates. Page 3 of 12 MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Lecture Time and Location LEC01 Tuesdays 9 – 11 a.m. Room: AA - 112 Faculty Information – About your Professor MGTA03 – Introduction to Management will be taught by: Professor Chris Bovaird [email protected] Office: IC – 266 Professor Bovaird has been teaching MGTA03 and MGTA04 at UTSC since 1995. He designed the current Intro to Management courses. Along with Professor Hugh Laurence, Professor Bovaird edited the course textbook. Professor Bovaird has degrees in Economics, Management Science and Business Administration. Prior to joining the faculty of UTSC, Professor Bovaird worked in banking and finance in New York, London, and Toronto. He has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in banking, finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship and general management for about 25 years. For 10 years, he taught in the engineering faculty at the University of Waterloo. Professor Bovaird is the author of two books on the subject of business finance. His consulting career has taken him to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Office Hours - How to Find or Contact Your Professor Students are always welcome to drop by. The best times to catch him (i.e. when he is most likely to be in his office, and free) are: Mondays 1 - 4 pm Tuesday 12 – 1 pm Wednesday 11 - 3 However, Professor Bovaird teaches several other (3rd and 4th year) courses, and sits on a number of Department of Management committees. Do not assume he will always be in his office. You do NOT need to make an appointment. However, it is always best to email first, so your Professor will be expecting you. Page 4 of 12 MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Academic Support – Where to get help and support The Department of Management, in collaboration with the UTSC library, will be providing academic research support in the IC Building. To refine your research skills or to learn more about various scholarly resources, please contact the Librarian for Management and Economics students. Lola Rudin, Subject Librarian, Management and Economics Room IC375 Office hours: Monday & Thursday, 1:00 – 3:00pm or by appointment Email: [email protected] Web: http://guides.library.utoronto.ca/utsc_mgmt The English Language Development Centre (ELDC) helps students develop the critical thinking, vocabulary and academic communication skills essential for achieving academic and professional success. Personalized support includes: RWE (for academic writing); Communication Cafés (oral); Discussion Skill-Building Cafés; Vocabulary Cafés; seminars/workshops; personal ELD consultations; drop-in sessions. http://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/eld/ The Writing Centre (TWC) offers invaluable services to students (learn to become a better writer!) and offers many different kinds of help: drop-in sessions, individual consultations, workshops, clinics, and online writing handouts. http://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/twc/ Course Administration – Who Else Can Help or Advise You The Course Co-ordinator is Arjuna Thaskaran ([email protected]), IC– 254. Ms. Thaskaran is responsible for all administrative and logistical aspects of the course. Contact Ms. Thaskaran if: - You cannot find your grade, after grades have been posted to the UTSC Intranet - You have medical documentation concerning a missed mid-term test - You wish to pick up your mid-term test, outside of classroom hours The best time to find Ms. Thaskaran is Monday – Friday, between 1.00 – 2.00 p.m. Page 5 of 12 MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Course Evaluation – How You Will be Tested and Examined Type Date Value Probable Format Probable Coverage Mid-Term Early 40% 35-45 Multiple Choice Quests. Chaps 1 - 5 Test March 2-4 Short Answer Questions Final Mid 60% 40-50 Multiple Choice Quests. All Chapters Exam April 4-5 Short Answer Questions Mid-Term Test A mid-term test will be scheduled, sometime in early March, by the Registrar's Office. The time and date of the mid-term test will not be known until 3-4 weeks before it occurs. Note: The mid-term test could be scheduled for a Friday night, or a Saturday. The mid-term test will be 90 minutes long and will likely consist of 35 – 45 multiple choice questions, plus 2-4 short answer type questions. The precise format will be discussed, in class, in the weeks prior to the test. Mid-Term Test: Attendance The Mid-Term Test is NOT OPTIONAL. If students miss the mid-term test, they must supply valid medical certification or a mark of “0” will be recorded for the missed test. There will be NO "make up" or deferred mid-term test. For those with a valid medical exemption the value of the missed mid-term test will be added to the final examination. Mid-Term Test Missed for Medical Reasons If you miss the mid-term test because you claim to have been ill, you must supply valid medical certification. Deliver your medical documentation to the Course Administrator (Arjuna Thaskaran, IC - 254) as soon as you can reasonably do so. There will be NO "make up" or deferred mid-term. If you miss the mid-term due to illness, and provide appropriate documentation, the weight of the mid-term will be added to the final exam (40% + 60% = 100%). Page 6 of 12 MGTA03 – Introduction to Management (I) – Course Outline for Winter 2012 Return of Mid-Term Tests Your mid-term tests will be returned to you, in class, 10 – 14 days after your test. If you are unable to attend class that week, TA office hours will be established and announced in class (as well as published via the UTSC intranet and the U o f T portal, for you to collect your mid-term tests. Uncollected mid-term tests are returned to the course administrat
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