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In the beginning

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Laura Jane Wey

Biblical and classical myths the mythological framework ofwestern cultureAuthorsFrye Northrop Macpherson JayImprintToronto OntUniversity of Toronto Press 2004Extentxiv 471 pTopicBLSubjectsMythology Classical Myth in the BibleLanguageEnglishISBN9780802039279 0802086950 0802039278Permalinkhttpbooksscholarsportalinfoviewdochtmlid39168Pages296 to 313ErosI In the BeginningThe CreationIn the beginning how the heavens and earthRose out of Chaos MiltonIn the beginning before the heavens and the earth all there was wasChaos the dark and formless void And after ages of time had passedthere appeared two tremendous beings the most ancient goddess Nightand her brother Erebus the Depth And from these two was born Eros1who is Love the most powerful of all the gods After him arose Gaiathe great EarthMother who brought forth from herself first the worldwe live on and then Uranus the starry sky that lies above and aroundher and is the eternal home of the blessed gods Then subtle Erosbrought the EarthMother and the SkyFather together in love andfrom them in the course of time were born a series of strange andmonstrous creatures the early births of time First came the three brothers Gyes Cottus and Briareos huger than mountains fiftyheaded andhundredhanded terrifying to look upon So at least thought theirfather Uranus and he took them from their mother and shut them up inthe dark places under the earth Gaia next bore the three Cyclopes theWheelEyed ones smaller than the HundredHanded but still giants
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