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Laura Jane Wey

Carter – The Loves of Lady Purple th Wednesday October 17 , 2012 Angela Carter (1940-1992)  British novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright, translator  Fireworks (1974)... first short story she wrote The Main Characters  The Asiatic Professor o “*He] had rather the air of a visitant from another world…” (25)  Very old  Out of things… does not seem to be entirely here in the world with us  Does not care about anything… not passionate about anything except of his puppets, especially Lady Purple o “Consummate virtuoso of puppetry” (24)  Poor  Not high art o “He had the wistful charm of a Japanese flower…” (26)  Gentle old man  Does not have abundant amount of passion in life  Seemingly gentle old man- who has a scary imagination based on sex and seduction  Lady Purple o “She was the Queen of the Night…” (26; description of the actual puppet)  Hands like weapons… nails  Impression that she has the ability to hurt others  Not a puppet to show children… because she’s scary o “The shameless Oriental Venus” (29-33; persona given her by the Professor)  “Women in whom too much life had negated life itself”  Considered a siren even as an infant  “Siren”; “Carnivorous” ; “corrupt phoenix”  Seduced her father at age 12 … Pygmalion… romantic link with creator  Murdered her whole family  Sadistic “mistress of the whip”  Men prostitute themselves for her and pay her for it  Woman who “squeeze*s men+ dry of fortune, hope and dreams”  “Frigid… object on which men prostituted themselves”  Murderer of her lovers  Women and sexuality are demonized in this story Relationship between the Professor and the Puppet  “The master of marionettes vitalizes inert stuff with the dynamics of his self.” (23) o Relationship in which both party depends on each other  “She was nothing but a curious structure until the Professor touched her strings…” (26) o Professor transformed her… gave her “life”  “The Professor allowed no one else to touch her…” (27) o Semi-romantic relationship with object  “Yet the balletic mime of Lady Purple grew all the more remarkable with the passage of the years…” (33) o Professor grows old… but his ability as a puppeteer continues to improve  “The Professor chatted to
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