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Laura Jane Wey

Lec2 reading notes_ sept 11 In the Beginning - myth: a greek word meaning story (especially a story about gods or heroes) - myths came into literature in the works of the early Greek poets, Homer and Hesiod - stories are reshaped by later poets and dramatists The Creation “In the beginning how the heavens and earth Rose out of Chaos…” - Milton  Chaos, dark and formless void  Ancient goddess o Night o Erebus (the depth)  From these two was born Eros; Love (most powerful of all gods) o Gaia (great earth-mother)  Uranus (starry sky) o Eros brought the earth-mother and the sky-father together in love Gaia + Uranus : o monstrous creatures  3 brothers Gyes  Cottus and Briareos (bigger than mountains)  50-headed and 100-handed (terrifying to look upon according to their father, Uranus)  Uranus took them from their mother and shut them up in the dark places under the earth o …Then Gaia bore o 3 Cyclopes (wheel-eyed with one round eye in the centre of the forehead); they were first smiths to exist- > Uranus also shut them up in earth o 12 Titans  6 sons and 6 daughters (larger than humans but not monsterous-> has beauty and majesty)  Gaia tired of cruel treatments from Uranus of their kids told her Titan sons to avenge their sufferings (of the trapped monsters)  only Cronus, the youngest and bravest Titan dared attempt to wound and drive their father away.  Cronus took over father’s place over the whole world and would not release his monstrous elder brothers from their captivity  6 male titans + 6 female titan = gods that fill the land & seas & air  eldest brother, Oceanus, Conus gave him the stream  Oceanus’ kids are the deities of the water  Sons= rivers of earth  Daughters= nymphs of fountain, lake and stream o One daughter is Styx, the hateful
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