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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Deirdre Flynn

CHAPTER TWO PRINCIPLES OF FILM FORMFILM FORMmiseenscene also known as staging The overall look and feel of a moviethe sum of everything the audience sees hears and experiences while viewing itelemental system of filmsound another elemental system is organized into a series of dialogue music ambience and effects tracksnarrative a cinematic structure in which content is selected and arranged in a causeandeffect sequence of events occurring over time establishes develops and resolves character conflictsediting the process by which the editor combines and coordinated individual shots into a cinematic whole juxtaposes individual shots orders these juxtapositions into sequences sequences into scenes and scenes into moviesFORM AND CONTENTcontent the subject of an artworkform the means by which a subject is expressedform and contentrather than being separate things that come together to produce artare instead two aspects of the entire formal system of a work of artsometimes we isolate the content of a film from its formFORM AND EXPECTATIONSour decision to see a particular movie is almost always based on cer
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