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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Deirdre Flynn

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CHAPTER THREE TYPES OF MOVIES three major types of movies narrative documentary and experimental THE IDEA OF NARRATIVEdifferent ways of looking at a narrative 1 A narrative is a story we use stories to arrange and understand our world and our lives the story that the film tells 2 Narrative is a type of movie particular movies devoted to conveying a story 3 Narrative is a way of structuring fictional or fictionalized stories presented in narrative films narrative is often used to describe the way that movie stories are constructed and presented in order to engage involve and orient an audience help filmmakers manipulate the viewers cinematic experience by selectively conforming to or diverging from audience expectations of storytelling 4 Narrative is a broader concept that both includes and goes beyond any of these applications any cinematic structure in which content is selected and arranged in a causeandeffect sequence of events occurring over timemovies do not have to arrange events in conventional order to employ narrative organizationTYPES OF MOVIESfilm industry catalogs films according to how they are distributed or how they are financedfilm festivals separate entries according to running timemost movies fall squarely into a single category many others defy exact classification by any standard no rule book enforcing set criteria existsNarrative Moviesrelationship with the audience is that of a storyteller narrative films are directed toward fiction even narrative movies that tell a true story adjust the stories events are added or removed or rearrangedbased on screenplays in which nearly every behaviour and spoken line is predetermined demands include coordinating their activity with lighting design and camera movement and performing scenes out of logical chronological sequence typically takes place in artificial worlds created on studio soundstages primary purpose of most narrative films is entertainmentDocumentary Moviesnarrative film and documentary film differ primarily in terms of allegiancedocumentary film is more concerned with the recording of reality the education viewers or the presentation of political or social analysesnonfictionall documentary filmmakers employ storytelling and dramatization to some degree in shaping their materialunavoidable act of making the movie removes the possibility of a purely objective truthfilm critic John Grierson originally coined the term documentary in 1926 to delineate cinema that
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