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17 Apr 2012
Gospel According to Mark
Bible Notes
Starts off with baptism – Jesus is baptized by John in the river of Jordan
Practice of baptism = repentance by confessing sins
There comes a voice from the heavens as soon as Jesus is baptized
Unclean spirits are the first to know who he is – tells them not to reveal his identity
He teaches at synagogue
Heals possessed (casting out of demons), sick, etc.
Accusations Made Against Jesus
Forgiving sins
Eating with publicans & sinners
Why his disciples don't fast
Disciples gather and eat on the Sabbath Day
Heals a man on the Sabbath Day
Disciples not washing their hands before eating
Sins will usually be forgiven but sins against God will NEVER be forgiven
Sower & Seed
Sowing seed = sowing word
Vineyard & husbandmen
Jesus is like the man of the house who has left and the servants (disciples) must be on watch for
his return – prophecy of his resurrection
Jesus' Abilities/Power
Jesus stops the wind while they're on the ship – disciples are amazed but still don't know who he is
Cures the 12 yr old damsel who was ill - “blood issue”
Thinks Jesus is John the Baptiste
Herod is a softer character
Herod knew John was a just man, DID NOT WANT TO KILL HIM but did so to keep an oath to
Herodia's daughter
Walking on Water
Jesus is the only one who walks on water – PETER DOES NOT
Reveals how he must suffer
No indication that John the Baptiste is Elias
Jesus transfigures himself before the disciples
Different reason for why disciples could not cast out the devil
they need to pray and fast
Enters Jerusalem – overthrows moneychangers, etc.
Scribes, Pharisees & Saducees try to tempt him by asking him questions
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