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Book of Esther - Chapter Summary

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Laura Jane Wey

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The Book of Esther – Chapter Summary ➢ King at the time – KingAhasuerus (reigned over Ethopia & India) ➢ King Ahasuerus & Queen Vashthi ➢ King wants to display the Queen before the people – to show everyone her beauty – but she refuses ➢ He is angered by this refusal and his servants advise him to punish her by finding another queen to replace. ➢ Young virgins are gathered in the palace of Shushan ➢ Esther is among one of the young women – She is a Jew, and is raised by her guardian/cousin Mordecai ➢ Mordecai forbids her from revealing that she is a Jew ➢ King comes to love Esther above all the women and he takes her as his new queen ➢ In the story, Mordecai is depicted as a man who sits in front of the King's gates – this gives him the opportunity to eaves drop on the King's men who conspire against him. ➢ Mordecai informs Esther, who then informs the King ➢ The 2 men are hanged thanks to Mordecai. ➢ After this execution, a new prince – Haman- is advanced in position. ➢ He is angered by the fact that Mordecai does not show him respect (does not bow to him) ➢ As a result, he persuades the king to order for the execution of all Jews. ➢ Mordecai informs Esther of the matter, and Esther is grealty moved by it – especially because Haman and the King have ordered for the execution of her people. ➢ Mordecai urges Esther to speak to the King about the matter but Esther is initially hesitant. Her reason being that, anybody who enters the courtroom abruptly is sentenced to death, unless the King holds up his sceptre (something he rarely does). ➢
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