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Samuel 2 Chapter Summary

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Laura Jane Wey

The Second Book of SamuelSummaryDavid learns of Jonathan and Sauls death in the battleDavid is upset especially over JonathanI am distressed for theevery pleasant hast thou been unto me they love to me was wonderful passing the love of womenDavid settles in Hebron upon Gods suggestion and he is annointed King over the house of JudahWar between House of SaulHouse of DavidSide Story Fight between servants Joab Abner etcAbner is one of Sauls menwhich is why he fights with Joab one of Davids menAbner kills one of Joabs brothersKing David has 6 kids Amnon Absalom etcSauls other son Ishbosheth is still alivehe is served by Abnerbut Abner gets angry when Ishbosheth accuses him of sleeping with Sauls concubineBecause of this Abner joins Davids side and helps make him kingIsrael is oppressed by Phillistines at this time and David is supposed to save themAbner becomes a trusted friend of the King but Joab decides to kill him for revenge Davids good natureDavid mourns for the loss of Abnerhes really upset about what has happenedNext Ishbosheth is beheadedThis is done for David wo him knowing but when David discovers this he is upset and orders for the execution of thos
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